Samstag, 30. Juni 2012

Nail Polish Collection Pt. 1

Hey lovelies!

Today I want to show you a part of my fast growing and much loved nail polish collection. In this post I will show you all my nail polishes by Essie. I think in Germany there is a limited selction of shades in comparison to the U.S. but I can work with that by buying every shade that is available ;) I can complain about the lack of shades after there is no shade left to buy!

So here it comes :D

from left-right: ballet slippers, my private cabana (LE), cute as a button, olé caliente (LE), long stem roses (LE), fishnet stockingS (LE), masquerade belle (LE)

left-right: blue rhapsody (LE), turquoise & caicos, trophy wife, aruba blue, sexy divide, dive bar, luxedo

buy me a cameo, a crewed interest (LE)

these 4 are mini sized bottles from a collection but only 2 of these 4 are limited edition colours
left-right: merino cool, sew psyched, little brown dress (LE), limited addiction (LE)

So which shades do you own by Essie? Any recommendations? 

Anki :D

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Anastasia Petrova hat gesagt…

Amazing collection

Sandra hat gesagt…

Wow, these are so pretty! I really sad we don't have essie in my country. The colors are amazing!

sleepandwater hat gesagt…

So many gorgeous shades! I really like the blues and neutrals especially :)

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