Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2012

LOTD #3 Book

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Love Of The Day is inspired by Sprinkle Of Glitter

Today´s Love Of The Day is about my favourite book. I chose the book I Heart New York written by Lindsey Kelk. I love this book because it is such a feelgood story about a woman who catches her fiance cheating on her. So she runs off to New York. I don´t want to tell you more about the story because I would accidentally spoil everything ;) So read it yourself ! It is absolutely brilliant. And there´s a whole series about the protagonist Angela Clark. I know I don´t give you much information about this book but I think you have to discover the story yourself by reading it. I can assure you that this book wont disappoint you. It is funny, it is girly and it is fabulous. Little hint: for the ones who love Sex and the City: This is the book for you!

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The I Heart series is available on Amazon and there is a website for every book of this series with helpful tips about the city, so for I Heart New York visit

Let me know what your favourite books are at the moment. I love to read so give me some inspiration :D

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