Montag, 25. Juni 2012

7 Things for 7 Days

Hey everyone!
I recently read the "7 Things for 7 Days" blog post written by the lovely Louise aka Sprikleofglitter here and decided to do it, too. I am German so English is not my first choice in terms of writing blog posts but I´ll do so because that way everyone can unterstand what I´m writing about. Please forgive me if I make mistakes languagewise ;)

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Sooooooo this is my list of things for the next 7 days:

Have Fun: this week I want to go out with my friends and have a good time and have some yummie cocktails :)

Organize: I want to reorganize my closet and my office desk becaue they are a cluttered mess!

Clean: I really need to clean the kitchen ;)

Write: I challenge myself to write a blog post every day of this week (including the LOTD also inspired by Louise)

Learn: I have to start revising for my exams, which start in two weeks ooh oooooooh O.O

Dress Up: In the last few weeks I was so stressed out and didn´t bother to dress myself up nicely. I want to put a little more effort into this in the next couple of days.

Smile: I think it´s time to focus on the good things in my life rather than on the difficult things that give me a head ache. Soo I try to think positive :D

So this was my little list of tasks for this week. What are yours? 

BYE ! ! !
Anki :D

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