Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2012

7 Things For 7 Days Update

Hey everyone ;)

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I just wanted to update you about my 7 Things For 7 Days Challenge :)
I have been really busy so far and have been able to tick off some things on my To-Do List. I only posted 7 here on this blog but I have A LOT more on my personal list.

1. Clean
I have managed to clean my kitchen YAY ! ! ! It needed a good overall deep clean and I did it :)

2. Have Fun
I set up a Girls Night Out for tomorrow night. I get to see my friends and drink some cocktails and just enjoy the night because on fridays I don´t have classes at uni. Usually I just chill at home or run some errands :)

3. Organize
I finally cleaned and organized my office desk so that I have a clean work space when I start revising for my exams this week ;)

So as you can see I was able to tick off 3 things on my To-Do list and I am willing to do more :) I will update you again about my progress later this week.

Anki :D

P.S.: My new Love Of The Day post will be up right after this one so look out for that ;)

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Alina Anghel hat gesagt…

cleaning is always on my list but I never manage to do it lol. xx

MissPlayground hat gesagt…

congrats! xx
I need to create my own list! xD

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