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My Scarf Collection

Hello there ;)

I thought I would do a little Collection Series, where I just show you all the products and things I own of one specific topic. So I decided to start with my scarves.
So my scarf collection isn´t the biggest but I love each and every one of them. I don´t think I´ll ever stop buying them. They are great in transforming an outfit instantly. You can dress your outfit up or down with a scarf.

unfortunately these are not mine, image from

So here it comes: my scarf collection

This is my favourite scarf. I got it a couple of years ago from my boyfriend´s parents for christmas so I don´t know where to get this exact scarf. It is the perfect fabric so I can wear it on a rather cold summer day with a cardigan or I can wear it in the middle of the winter with my coat and nice gloves.

I have to admit that I never wore this scarf. I got it last winter from H&M. It it a bit scratchy and I rather went for one of my other scarves.

This is one of my newest scarves. It is from H&M and it is gorgeous. The picture doesn´t do it any justice because it looks so grey. In reality it is a lavender colour and has very thin silver threads woven through it.

That scarf is a precious little gem in my collection. It is a vintage Burberry scarf which I got from a friend FOR FREE!!! So I love it a LOT! 

This one is from Accessorize and I got it on sale for half the price this spring. It matches perfectly with my olive-brownish blazer I have.

This infinity scarf was an impulse buy at primark last winter. I got for 2€ and I just bought it because I never tried one of those infinity scarves before. I developed a close friendship with it :) I can wear it with everything  and it suits every weather condition.

That is the scarf I wore to my prom 2 years ago and I haven´t worn it since. I simply have no use for this but I keep it because of it´s history.

This scarf is from a lovely holiday in Egypt in 2007. I bought it in the desert on the way to Luxor where I visited the Valley Of Kings and all the temples. The man who sold it knotted this scarf onto my head like real  nomads wear it. So I keep it even it is so old and got worn to death.

That one is sooo beautiful. I got it for christmas or m birthday a couple of years ago. It has some sequins (always a plus) and tassels. I LOVE IT!!! I haven´t worn it lately but I definitely will in the next time. 

I don´t know why I still have this scarf. It isn´t very old but I don´t like it anymore. It is beige and ugly. I will definitely throw that one out.

This scarf is another piece I bought on holiday. I bought it in the summer of 2010 in Amsterdam. It is from the brand pieces. I like how it looks with a plain black shirt and jeans. It is so easy to wear.

I haven´t worn this scarf yet. I bought it last winter at H&M. I loved the girly feeling of this one but never got to wear it because all the combinations I tried looked weird. I have to try it out in other ways. Any suggestions on how to wear it?

This is my newest buy. It is such a lovely spring/summer scarf which looks amazing with a plain shirt and a blazer.

This scarf I got for my birthday this year from my friends. It is from H&M. The colour of it is a light pink with silver threads woven through it. I is lovely. I have already worn it a couple of times. It goes with so many outfits.

This is another vintage gem. It is from Cartier and I got it from the same friend I got the Burberry one from. I love the classy elegant look and I love how it makes me feel. 

This scarf is the most worn of the last month. I wore it with plain shirts and chinos or jeans. I saw missglamorazzi on YouTube wearing a similar one in a recent fashion video. 

So that was my little scarf collection. I hope you liked it. 

Anki :D

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dugongsss hat gesagt…

I love your scarf collection, you have some beautiful scarves :)

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pinkkfish hat gesagt…

haha i'm a scarf lover too! love the H&M one!

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