Freitag, 29. Juni 2012

LOTD #5 Fact or Quote

Helloooooo :)

Love Of The Day is inspired by Sprinkle of Glitter

Today´s Love Of The Day is about a fact or a quote that is either interesting or inspiring. I personally  picked  out an inspiring quote about life. I love reading quotes about life because it always makes me think about my own life and how I can change my outlook on it to a more positive one.
I think this quote is inspiring because it makes me realize that I need to enjoy my life and be thankful for my wonderful boyfriend. I am so lucky to have found the one so I am thankful for that every day. It also reminds me to focus on the important things ins life like love, happiness and friends rather than on difficult and complicated ones.

What inspires you?

Anki :D

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