Montag, 25. Juni 2012

LOTD #1 Clothes

HEY! ! !

This is me again! At the moment I am totally obsessed with the blog Sprinkle of Glitter by the wonderful and inspiring Louise. She is so beautiful and hillarious :) And her Baby Glitter is just soooo adorable !!!
So I read her post about the new series she is doing on her blog, Love Of The Day; where she is showing a super duper item, which she  came across in the internet, EVERY DAY ! So I decided to do it, too! YAY!
So every Monday I will show you a clothing item I am loving at the moment.

Louise aka Sprinkleofglitter on YouTube,  LOTD at Sprinkleofglitter

Soooo today I was looking around on ASOS instead of listening to my Professor at Uni ;) and came across this embellished Kimono. It is a lovely cream Kimono style cardigan made of a silky material. It has sequin stripes and is just overall gorgeous and adorable.
I like the loose fit. It looks really flattering to a curvy body. That is a definite plus if you want to cover up your upper arms or a litte wider hip area. So it´s perfect for me ;)
I love a little sequin here and there even in my everyday wardrobe so this makes a perfect summer cardigan. Here in Germany the weather is just miserable. It´s cold and windy and it rains A LOT ! ! ! So this cardigan can be worn over a simple black or white top and makes the outfit a little bit more weather appropriate :)
Also it can be dressep up for nighttime with some heels and a clutch. I can totally see myself wearing this on a night out with my girls sipping some bright summer cocktails :)
It is a liiiiiiiittle bit pricey with about 100€ but I think it would be totally worth it.

So this is my first LOTD post inspired by Sprikleofglitter !
If you liked it let me know!

Anki :D

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