Freitag, 27. Juli 2012


Hey lovelies!

Sorry I have been away for so long. I had so much to do with uni and my exams. I was on two interesting trips this week. It had to do with urban gardening and CSA farming (for those of you who don´t know what it is, it is about alternatives to supermarkets and it is soooo interesting)!
I also was thinking about ways to make this blog interesting for you to read. I really want to know what you are interested in and what you want to read.
Do you rather want to read product reviews or about my collections?
Do you want to see complete make-up looks or just how I use ertain products?
Do you want to read hauls or OOTD/OOTN?
I could blog about food/cooking/baking....
I could do little mini series about certain things...
I´ll try to get back into blogging regularly now that I have my summer break from uni! I have two big hauls coming up and I am working on some mini series.
I also want to do something for those of you who read my blog even though I am nw to all of this and I know my blog isn´t the best.
Maybe a little giveaway???
So just give some feedback on this blog ;)

Anki :D

Montag, 9. Juli 2012

LOTD Clothes

Hey Lovelies!

So today I want to show you my favourite clothing item of the moment! I did quite a bit of shopping lately so I don´t really need anything major important clothingwise but I want a lot of things ;) You probably know this situation if you´re a little like me.
So currently I am just looking at all the pretty things in the online shops but I don´t buy anything.
I was looking around in the H&M online shop and found this cute lace shirt. It is so summery and light and girly! So gorgeous! But it is sold out almost immediately everytime it is back in stock. Maybe I can justify this buy next month ;)

What did you find in the internet?

Anki :D

LOTD is inspired by Sprinkle Of Glitter


Hey Lovelies!

This Love Of The Day is about my favourite Etsy find of the week. Last week I showed you a lovely little bracelet. This week I want to show you a unique bag :)
I love bags and jewellery and shoes....simply everything that is girly and maybe a bit sparkly!
So I found this cute bag which is perfct for carrying around at uni or later when I am teaching it fits everything I could possibly need in there. It is the perfect colour and just overall gorgeous and practically! The quality is amazing and it is real leather!

What do you think of this bag?

Anki :D

LOTD is inspired by Sprinkle Of Glitter

LOTD Video

Hey Lovelies!

I was very busy in the last few days and now I have to catch up with blogging :)
This Love Of The Day is about my favourite Video of the week.
I have to be honest with you: I haven´t really watched any viedos lately but I do my best to find a good video to watch and feel good ;) Most of the time my favourite videos are music videos that I can watch/listen to when I am blogging or revising :)
So it is no surprise that I chose another music video as my LOTD
I was so fascinated by the new Armani Code Luna fragrance commercial on TV so I was searching for the music that was in the advert. It was so...excuse me for using this rather cheesy word...magical and mystical.
I was beyond happy to find it! It is "in for the kill" by Laroux!
So here it is!

So I hope you liked it! What are you watching/listening to on YouTube?

Anki :D

LOTD is inspired by Sprinkle Of Glitter

Sonntag, 8. Juli 2012


Hey lovelies!

Sorry, that I haven´t posted anything yesterday! I was so busy with planning my new kitchen, going grocery shopping and revising for my exams that I had no time to blog.
Tomorrow after my exams I will start to blog again and I have some really interesting posts planned for you!
So please be patient and check back tomorrow for some cool new posts including the LOTD from yesterday and today.

Anki :D

Freitag, 6. Juli 2012

LOTD Fact or Quote

Hey lovelies!

Todays Love Of The Day post is about my favourite fact or quote of the week!
I´ll make this post quick and easy because I am cooking dinner at the moment ;)
So that is it for this Love Of The Day post!Hope you enjoyed!
What inspires you in your life? Do you sometimes need a reminder to love and enjoy your life too?

Anki :D

LOTD is inspired by Sprinkle of Glitter

A Little Inspiration

Hey lovelies!

Today I have a little interior design/ decoration post for you.
I am currently planning on redoing my kitchen. It doesn´t do it´s job anymore like my oven isn´t working how it should and the frisge is just ancient. The overall lok of the kitchen isn´t very attractive as well so I talked with my boyfriend and we decided that it is time to buy a new kitchen and redo the whole room including the floor and the walls.
So at the moment I am looking around the internet to find some inspiration. I want to paint the walls in a cream colour and do a dark wood floor. The kitchen cabinets should be white. This is the basic setting we came up with. So I am looking for unique pieces or cute ideas to decorate the room. I haven´t been thinking too much about lighting but I could need some tips for that, too.
So I want to show you some of my inspirational pictures and links to things I am considering to buy/look at in the store.

This set of dining table and matching chairs is perfect for the kitchen because it seats 4 people so we can have guests for dinner

This single dining table would be even better than the set but way too expensive for me considering the whole redo will cost a fortune even without this table, but hey I am allowed to dream ;)

These are the matching chairs for the beautiful white dining table! So gorgeous! LOOOVE THEM!

I´m thinking about this version of wood for the kitchen counter. I quite like it.

I looooove this for the kitchen floor
image from here

So last but not least I want to show you some of my inspirational images that I found on As you can tell by reading my blog I am obsessed with this website :)

all images, if not marked differently, are from

So these were my little inspirations for the kitchen. What do you think? Do you like IKEA as much as I do ?

Anki :D

Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2012

Favourites and Inspirations

Hey lovelies!

Today I wanted to share some of my favourites I found on my favourite inspirational website .
I use the images here on this blog and I get most of my inspiration for my life from there.
So every now and then I will show you my favourite finds from this site so you can all enjoy them as much as I do.

So here they come

my beauty inspiration

my fashion inspiration

my drink inspiration

my travel inspiration

my decor inspiration

life inspiration

What inspires you at the moment? Are you on too?

Anki :D


Hey lovelies!

Recently I am debating with myself if I should buy a new laptop for uni because my old one isn´t fast enough and is too heavy and just isn´t very pretty anymore. So I was looking at laptops online and found one I really love and would suit all my requirements. It is the new MacBook Air <3
So I am thinking about buying it for the new semester at uni which starts in October.
To come to the point of this Love Of The Day I: I was looking for a stylish case that would fit the MacBook Air and I found this cute envelope case in white. It is just so perfect and exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely buy it when I have the new laptop.
So I´ll let you know when I decide about this buy.

What did you found on ebay recently?

Anki :D

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Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2012


Hey lovelies!

Todays Love Of The Day blog post is about my current book favourite.
Lately I am totally into fashion and I am reading so many style blogs and books about fashion and styling. My favourite of the moment is "Style" by Lauren Conrad. You can probably tell that I am a liiiittle obsessed with Lauren Conrad at the moment :) but she is just such a style icon for me. She is always dressed so beautifully and gorgeous. I also really like her clothing lines but unfortunately they are not available in Germany.
So Laurens book is just all about her fashion and styling tips ans she even gives tips about make-up. She gives tips on vintage shopping and finding good staple pieces that fit your style and body.
So overall I just lve her book and I cannot wait until her new beauty book comes out in autumn.
You can get her book on Amazon or in stores as hardcover or paperback.

image from here

What is your current book favourite? Do you lve Lauren Conrad as much as I do ?

Anki :D

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7 Things for 7 Days UPDATE!

Hey lovelies!

image from

Today I want to update you about my 7 Things for 7 Days challenge!
I did a little update in the middle of the last week and was able to tick off some of the things on the list. So after the last week I okay with my progress.

I was able to go out with my friends and have a lovely night with fotball and cocktails and a little adventure :) PLUS I was shopping with my friend Jasmin on Saturday and picked up some cute new clothing items <3    (are you interested in seeing them?)

I also organized my desk which wasn´t that big of a deal but I didn´t have the time to organize my closet but thats okay I can do it this week ;)

I successfully cleaned my kitchen last week and I managed to keep it this way since! YAY!!!

Another task on my list was to write a blog post everyday. I wasn´t able to accomplish that ;( I didn´t post on Thursday because of my night out but I posted on all other days of the weeks and most of the time I even did tweo posts up per day so I think thats okay :)

Sadly I didn´t start revising for my exams which start on Monday ( AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!). I don´t even have a good reason why I didn´t start. I was just lazy. But that is just my problem and doesn´t affect others so it´s oookaaay ;)

My favourite task on the list was to dress up and I had so much fun to pick out my outfits for the day and I will keep on dressing up more this week. I can´t wait to wear my new things I bought on Saturday ;)

The last task on my list was to be happier and enjoy all the good and positive things in my live a little more. This was a difficult but fullfilling task. I tried to focus on the positive side of things even if it was hard to see. I am honest with you: I had my issues with this because of all the stress at uni and just overall pressure but I am sure that it will get better and easier from day to day. I will definitely work on that one more in the future.

So I am pretty pleased with my progress and I will keep on doing these lists for myself in the future. Are you interested in reading about this topic more on this blog? Just let me know ;)

Anki :D

Dienstag, 3. Juli 2012

LOTD Blog Post

Hey lovelies!

Todays Love Of The Day is about my favourite blog post of the moment.
I was reading one of my favourite blogs, Lauren Conrads Blog , today and really liked her recent friday favourites post. It is all about her favourite things of the week and this time most of the things are 4th of July realted but there is something for everybody in this post. She writes about fashion, beauty, food, lifestyle, interior design and decor and just overall gorgeous things. So if you´re interested in the same kind of things (beautiful things that make our lives a little prettier ;) ) you will not be disappointed ;)
I will definitely trying out some of the food favourites.
So you can find the exact post about Laurens friday favourites here .
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

What is your favourite post of the moment?

Anki :D

this Love Of The Day is inspired by Sprinkle of Glitter

Montag, 2. Juli 2012

LOTD Clothes

Hey lovelies!

Todays Love Of The Day post is about my favourite clothing item I found online. I was looking for a pair of new ballet flats, slippers or other everyday kind of shoes for a while now but I haven´t been able to find a pair that would fit my style and taste. So I was searching through every german online shop for the perfect pair. I found this gorgeous pair and was in love instantly. It is on my wish list and I will buy it soon, I think. It is from  the new autumn 2012 collection of my favourite shoe brand Tamaris so it will hit the stores soon. It isn´t too high so I can walk in them all day. I just love them so much!

What kind of shoes are on your wish list? Do you shop for autumn/winter already?

Anki :D

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Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012

LOTD #7 Etsy

Hey lovelies!

this post is inspired by Sprinkle of Glitter

Today´s Love Of The Day is all about my favourite Etsy finds. I like to have a look at it every now and then because there are always some great vintage or handmade pieces available. Most of the time I look for unique jewellery or clothes. So it is no surprise that I show you a cute jewellery piece today ;) 

I chose a rose gold bracelet with a "love" pendant. You can find it here. It is so delicate and elegant. I really like the whole rose gold trend at the moment but I actually only own one bangle and a bag with rose gold details ;( So I have to stock up on some cute pieces and this one is cute AND affordable for me. It is about 12€ plus 3€ shipping. A rose gold bracelet for 15€ is a total bargain :) I don´t know if it is real rose gold but even if not the price for such a cute bracelet is totally fine for me!

What did you find on etsy? Do you like the rose gold trend?

Anki :D


Hey lovelies!

Today I have a little Nail of the Day for you. I reently bought a new Essie polish and fell in love. Look for yourself!

It´s the shade "Luxedo" by Essie.It is a dark purple which looks almost black. It looks classic and elegant. It is a typical fall/winter colour but it suits my mood and I love it. I am a total fall/winter lover because it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside ;) So whenever I am in need of a bit of the colder seasons I put on a dark nail polish :) 

What are you wearing at the moment ? Do you love the colder months as much as I do ? 

Anki :)