Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2012


Hey lovelies!

Recently I am debating with myself if I should buy a new laptop for uni because my old one isn´t fast enough and is too heavy and just isn´t very pretty anymore. So I was looking at laptops online and found one I really love and would suit all my requirements. It is the new MacBook Air <3
So I am thinking about buying it for the new semester at uni which starts in October.
To come to the point of this Love Of The Day I: I was looking for a stylish case that would fit the MacBook Air and I found this cute envelope case in white. It is just so perfect and exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely buy it when I have the new laptop.
So I´ll let you know when I decide about this buy.

What did you found on ebay recently?

Anki :D

Love Of The Day is inspired by Sprinkle of Glitter

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Kikisza hat gesagt…

darf ich fragen, was du studierst? :)

ankischatzi hat gesagt…

Ich studiere Grundschullehramt :) Ich hab auch einen Blog Post gemacht, in dem ich mich etwas vorstelle. Der ist auch noch auf deutsch, weil ich noch nicht sicher war, ob deutsch oder englisch besser ist.

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