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7 Things for 7 Days UPDATE!

Hey lovelies!

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Today I want to update you about my 7 Things for 7 Days challenge!
I did a little update in the middle of the last week and was able to tick off some of the things on the list. So after the last week I okay with my progress.

I was able to go out with my friends and have a lovely night with fotball and cocktails and a little adventure :) PLUS I was shopping with my friend Jasmin on Saturday and picked up some cute new clothing items <3    (are you interested in seeing them?)

I also organized my desk which wasn´t that big of a deal but I didn´t have the time to organize my closet but thats okay I can do it this week ;)

I successfully cleaned my kitchen last week and I managed to keep it this way since! YAY!!!

Another task on my list was to write a blog post everyday. I wasn´t able to accomplish that ;( I didn´t post on Thursday because of my night out but I posted on all other days of the weeks and most of the time I even did tweo posts up per day so I think thats okay :)

Sadly I didn´t start revising for my exams which start on Monday ( AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!). I don´t even have a good reason why I didn´t start. I was just lazy. But that is just my problem and doesn´t affect others so it´s oookaaay ;)

My favourite task on the list was to dress up and I had so much fun to pick out my outfits for the day and I will keep on dressing up more this week. I can´t wait to wear my new things I bought on Saturday ;)

The last task on my list was to be happier and enjoy all the good and positive things in my live a little more. This was a difficult but fullfilling task. I tried to focus on the positive side of things even if it was hard to see. I am honest with you: I had my issues with this because of all the stress at uni and just overall pressure but I am sure that it will get better and easier from day to day. I will definitely work on that one more in the future.

So I am pretty pleased with my progress and I will keep on doing these lists for myself in the future. Are you interested in reading about this topic more on this blog? Just let me know ;)

Anki :D

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