Freitag, 6. Juli 2012

A Little Inspiration

Hey lovelies!

Today I have a little interior design/ decoration post for you.
I am currently planning on redoing my kitchen. It doesn´t do it´s job anymore like my oven isn´t working how it should and the frisge is just ancient. The overall lok of the kitchen isn´t very attractive as well so I talked with my boyfriend and we decided that it is time to buy a new kitchen and redo the whole room including the floor and the walls.
So at the moment I am looking around the internet to find some inspiration. I want to paint the walls in a cream colour and do a dark wood floor. The kitchen cabinets should be white. This is the basic setting we came up with. So I am looking for unique pieces or cute ideas to decorate the room. I haven´t been thinking too much about lighting but I could need some tips for that, too.
So I want to show you some of my inspirational pictures and links to things I am considering to buy/look at in the store.

This set of dining table and matching chairs is perfect for the kitchen because it seats 4 people so we can have guests for dinner

This single dining table would be even better than the set but way too expensive for me considering the whole redo will cost a fortune even without this table, but hey I am allowed to dream ;)

These are the matching chairs for the beautiful white dining table! So gorgeous! LOOOVE THEM!

I´m thinking about this version of wood for the kitchen counter. I quite like it.

I looooove this for the kitchen floor
image from here

So last but not least I want to show you some of my inspirational images that I found on As you can tell by reading my blog I am obsessed with this website :)

all images, if not marked differently, are from

So these were my little inspirations for the kitchen. What do you think? Do you like IKEA as much as I do ?

Anki :D

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